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This is a story about two young Novices named Ken Chaser and his best friend, Vincent Eternal. While it was their first day in training, Ken was attacked by Pecopeco. Fortunately, he was saved by a young beautiful Swordswoman named Clara Robinson. After Clara left, Ken wondered whether he would ever meet her again someday...

Two years later, Ken (Hunter) and Vincent (Priest) stayed at the Hunter Headquarters in Payon City where the hunters would accept any jobs or requests for reward some good money. So if they were accepting their job, they would be going to a journey along with their new friends, Clara Robinson (Crusader), Sieg Bane (Magician), Travis Tenka (Assassin) and Keith Forger (Blacksmith).

However, they encountered new monsters along the way; at the same time, they got more money, enjoyed themselves around the cities and the adventure began in the world of Ragnarok, Rune-Midgard...


Comic Hosted by Keenspace

Ragnarok Adventure was copyright by Krystle Kuan