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Welcome to the Ragnarok Adventure's Characters Page

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Ken Chaser
Clara Robinson
Vincent Eternal
Sieg Bane
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Name: Clara Robinson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Job Class: Crusader
Birthplace: Izlude City
Hair: Light Purple
Eyes: Blue
Headgears: Ribbon (Swordswoman) and Kiity Band (Crusader)
Weapon: Dragon Slayer
Hobbies: Singing and cooking
Favourite Food: Cakes, candies, cookies, ice cream and chocolate

Blood Type: A
Likes: Beautiful places, cute animals especially puppies and porings, cute headgears and flowers
Dislikes: Being insulted by people, bugs and mice






Clara is another main character of the story. She wants to be a Holy Crusader because she wants to protect other people and herself from monsters. She is a very cheerful girl who always loves to help and cheer other people up when they are upset. She has a favourite pet poring named Rudy. Whenever people insult her, she would get into a bad mood. As the story progresses, Ken and Clara start to fall in love.


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