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Welcome to the Ragnarok Adventure's Characters Page

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Ken Chaser
Clara Robinson
Vincent Eternal
Sieg Bane
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Name: Ken Chaser
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Job Class: Hunter
Birthplace: Payon City

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue
Headgears: Jack A Dandy
Weapon: Hunter Bow
Hobbies: Hunting
Favourite Food: Apple Juice

Blood Type: B
Likes: Fighting against monsters, training, and earning money
Dislikes: People crying especially children and cowards







Ken is the main character of the story. When he was young as a novice, he had a crush on Clara Robinson (Swordswoman) when they first met. He wanted her to be happy forever. He is a very cool-looking and brave guy and he always likes to fight against evil monsters. For the sake of money, he would accept any job. He is always in trouble during his journey.





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