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Welcome to the Ragnarok Adventure's Characters Page

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Ken Chaser
Clara Robinson
Vincent Eternal
Sieg Bane
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Name: Vincent Eternal
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Job Class: Priest
Birthplace: Prontera City
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Green
Headgears: Nurse's Cap
Weapon: -
Hobbies: Tease/Hang around Ken Chaser
Favourite Food: Fruits
Blood Type: O
Likes: Healing people
Dislikes: Trouble, stupid and annoying people









He is a full support priest for healing people. He and Ken have been friends since childhood. He always hangs around with Ken because he has his healing skill for healing Ken when he gets into trouble. He has a crush on an Acolyte girl named Rosy. He has a good memory sometimes.


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