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Welcome to the Ragnarok Adventure's Characters Page

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Ken Chaser
Clara Robinson
Vincent Eternal
Sieg Bane
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Name: Sieg Bane
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Job Class: Mage
Birthplace: Geffen City
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Blue
Headgears: -
Weapon: Mighty Staff
Hobbies: Reading and practises his spells skill
Favourite Food: Milk
Blood Type: AB
Likes: Studies
Dislikes: Ghosts especially Whisper, and fan girls.








A handsome young mage who wants to level up with Ken's party for sharing experience points. Before he changed into Wizard, all fan girls crazy over him and he ran away from his home. Actually he preferred to become mage forever. He always likes to visit the library so that he could read and write about learning cast spells whenever he is bored. But he does not like to see any ghosts during his journey because he's scared.




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